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runway - inspiration

Hello fashionistas! I recently scanned a lot of collections in 2014 and concluded. Fashionable!
1) bare belly

Skirts DIY

Привет!  Сегодня я вам расскажу о моей новой юбке, я ее сшила за 2 часа.

Нужно взять широкую резинку, растянуть ее и отмерить как вы будете носить юбку, что бы она не слетала и не была большой, добавить 1 см для шва.

my inspiration Loafers

I was so pleased with these loafer that I wanted to create a set) Мне так понравились эти лоуферы, что я захотела создать набор)

In the movie on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

You know, the second I liked the movie more than the first. Even want to read the book. So I liked it, that introduced new actors. I head to break the floor where I saw the film Johanna Mason but it turns out she played in Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and stepmother with Julia Roberts. And Sam Claflin he's handsome!


My necklaces. There are only about 20. And how many do you have?

  With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥


On the street it is cold, and I not so fashionable))) don't know as in such cold it is possible to go to a coat)))
The new scarf is urgently necessary to me!

Evelina Khromtchenko

I already had a post about Evelyn, but again I wanted to write about it. Evelyn always stylish, happy, successful and beautiful. a bit of history)

For me

That's how I look today)

Шорты        Stradivarius Рубашка  Yishun Сапоги     Dali Fashion Свитер     Оstin

Inspiration of the week!

Michael Kors

I very much liked a reserved and elegant collection.

want these things!

Hi! Thank you all for your comments and the fact that following me on Google I already have more than 1000 followers, THANK YOU! This set I made ​​for myself to remember that I want to buy in the near future. Really want something in a cell, or a dress or a blouse, chiffon. I want a fluffy skirt. the first black, the second Jacquard. quilt skirt. just want to maroon shoes. I want to forget about the black cap))) This bag today I saw in the store. I can not sleep. I want-want-want!   I will meditate)))

want these things! by lenusikx featuring a mini skirt
Mango red shirt

Fur coat
$3,080 -

Brown coat

Pull Bear coat
$96 -

Forever 21 faux leather jacket

Just Cavalli mini skirt
$495 -

Alice Olivia mini skirt

Milly black skirt

Topshop skirt

Plaid golf skirt
$40 -

My photos in the studio

As I wrote that she studied at the photographer, here is my work in the studio.

 With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥

Use a Bow!

Inspiration - necklace

What a great time, the necklace can be worn anywhere and with anything!

With black


Coats for just  45.59

Coat (see more wool coats)

Saturday walk in the woods