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Hey, at the May holidays we went to China for 3 days. Oh, it was lovely trip. The city has been modest, but at least we were together. After all, this is nebilo 2 years. as our daughter was born. We ate, slept, drank and walked ... generally rested.

This is what I brought myself. We were not going to shop, and I buy yourself something

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 With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥


Sandra Leiva said…
Love that red bag!!

Lilli said…
I'd love to visit China too! Seems you had a nice time there resting! Great purchases everything looks very cool!:) Kisses! xo
Isa Machado said…
Love the red bag and the last dress! ;)
Diana Daron said…
я тоже хочу в Китай!!! прекрасные покупки, поздравляю!!!
JustJaslin said…
Those slippers are so cute! And the bag is lovely. I've also been to China before! It was such a fun trip :) Anyway, thanks for following me dear, I've also followed you back on GFC now!

many kisses
♡ Jaslin from
Caro * said…
Adorable pieces, I love the bag :)
Love this bag

New post on the blog:
Nati Ko said…
Уииии! Какое все классное! Хочу хочу всю обуууувь)


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Приветик, недавно мы первый раз в этом году гуляли на набережной ДВФУ.

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