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Winter set

Сет Winter set пользователя lenusikx с timberland boots Rag bone cropped cardigan

Burberry quilted jacket

AllSaints sequin skirt

Timberland boots
$190 -

Leather shoulder handbag

Coal mitten glove

Topshop pom hat Xmas Christmas Background Silver Stars
$39 -

Cosmetics in my case

These are my eye shadow, half of pupa of them.

I had an obsession, to buy dark blue shadows and at first I bought Yves Rocher, but they weren't pleasant to me, they dry and pale.

Sephora, which on the middle in round packing, much better.

And here shadows of Naj Oleari, color of a violet, very beautiful, they with shine, silky also lay down the remarkable

These are Fat shadows. They on mine of AVON firm, I use them for every day

Shadows Dior, a find for me, they beautiful and silky. Pleasantly lay down. I use them in the summer.
It is a sampler or a tester, to me it was given by the girlfriend, it worked in shop to cosmetics.

Shadows..., as I use for every day. They a little dryish. If honest I was disappointed in this cosmetics. The lip gloss beautiful, but rolls down and sticks.

As fat shadows of loreal, beautiful, but quickly dry up in a box.

PUPA, very beautiful, shining shadows which at me already there are a lot of years, and still there is a lot of them.


Man style - STYLISH PEOPLE of the PLANET

At cinema on twilight

Hello my dear, today we went on Twilight, somehow sadly that everything ended, but at the same time it is time. I drew for a long time a conclusion that at first it is necessary to watch film, and then to read the book as then all representations and expectations spoil.
Certainly in the book always everything is brighter and more detailed and at cinema everything is crumpled and in abbreviated form. I didn't see the first part of twilight in general, and then when there was the second part to me my friend began to tell about this film and I became interested. We with it went to the cinema 2 times, and then I hard drinking read all 4 books, swung from the Internet, bought in shops. Certainly it would be desirable to read up the 5th part, whether but I do not know the writer will add it.

Здравствуйте мои дорогие, сегодня мы ходили на Сумерки, как-то грустно, что все закончилось, но в то же время пора. Я уже давно сделала вывод, что сначала нужно смотреть кино, а потом читать книгу, т…

Jessica Chastain - Celebrities Style

I very much like its style on red paths, it is always ideal and dressed fit to kill.

For the first time I saw it in the film The Help, it impressed both game and suits and a beautiful figure.

The Help, 2011

suits for the film in sketches

The Camerons - Robert Crichton

Я на днях прочитала эту книгу, мне очень понравилась. Вы знаете она очень легко читается, если честно, то я давно не читала, последней моей книгой была "Жена путешественника во времени" - это тоже великолепная книга. Всегда после прочтения книги, я долго не могу ничего читать, так как срастаюсь с этими людьми и постоянно к ним возвращаюсь. Кто-нибудь из вас читал эту книгу и как она вам или что вы читали в последнее время?

I read one of these days this book, very much it was pleasant to me. You know it very easily is read, if is honest, I didn't read long ago, "The Time Traveler's Wife" was my latest book is too the magnificent book. Always after book reading, I can't long read anything as I grow together with these people and constantly to them I come back. Somebody from you read this book and how it or what you read to you recently?

 With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥