18 January 2012

New cardigan

Hello my dear dandies and women of fashion! I welcome you and I wish all good mood. Today we went to the cinema on Sherlock Holmes, a tremendous film in my opinion, and actors super. All year I waited for continuation and here at last have waited.
Today on me a skirt, one of my favourite, I have bought it still 4 years ago, but what miracle, it at present madly fashionable.
You know, the I become more senior, the I am more convinced, it is not necessary to get rid of the things especially favourite, they will necessarily be useful to you.
Today on me one more thing not last collection – is a polo-neck a grid. At me such 4. Black, brown, peach and my favourite colors of a sea wave with spangles, somehow I will show it to you.
These polo-necks very convenient and beautiful, at them very long throat. They can be carried with skirts, jeans, trousers, with everything.
You know recently I has bought this jacket and is mad in it is enamoured, it woolen and with a beautiful pattern.
I hope to you my image was pleasant. All whole.
Thanks for comments and that that read my blog.
Good luck.

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