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Clothes names (Jackets, a jumper, pullovers)

Кофта Кофта — предмет шерстяной вязаной одежды для верхней части тела с застежкой снизу доверху спереди. Наличие застежки — отличительный признак кофты. Кофта как предмет одежды известна много веков. В настоящее время в кофтах чаще используется застежка не на пуговицы, а на молнию. Стоит отметить, что даже если у кофты высокий застегивающийся ворот, её правильнее называть кофтой, а не свитером.
Jacket — a subject of woolen knitted clothes for the top part of a body with a fastener from top to bottom in front. Fastener presence — a distinctive sign of a jacket. The jacket as clothes subject is known many centuries. Now in jackets the fastener not on buttons, and on a lightning is more often used. It is necessary to notice that even if at a jacket a high clasped collar, it to name a jacket, instead of a sweater more correctly.

Кардиган Одной из разновидностей кофты является кардиган (англ. cardigan) — вязаный ше…


Greetings! Today Sunday and we visited. In the street it was very warm also we at first houses have sat, and have then gone for a walk on street. Wanted to feed fiber, but they weren’t. This remarkable day I, have chosen, a warm jacket, a Mango skirt, it collections of 2009 and the golfs, they very much are pleasant to me, as in them warmly and they beautiful. Many thanks to all who visits my blog)))

It is a few photos as I have spent this day)

WANT skirt

Greetings, all. I am now mad about green color. And very much I want such long skirt but as it is now cold, I, have decided to sew to myself such skirt from warm jersey. Recently went to shop and has bought a fabric, anything monophonic hasn’t found and has bought in a strip. So soon I will publish a photo with mine still the planned skirt. The second picture, on the same type, but is created on a site
All kind day. kiss .

My sketches


Dosso Dossi

With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥


Именитые дизайнеры позаботились и о любительницах стиля ретро, предложив модницам стильные джинсы из эпохи 70-х. В частности бренд Sass & Bide продемонстрировал в своей коллекции, невероятно актуальные в этом сезоне расклешенные джинсы.

With love ♥ ♥ ♥ Lenusik ♥ ♥ ♥