03 November 2011

Lavand dress

Hello, all!!! My session and I with you at last has ended again. Recently, I, have bought this dress, it of last season, but on it amazing drawing - Fashionable women. The Fashion-fashion-fashion. More and more I understand that my first trade (tailor) from me doesn't leave also a fashion is my life and interest.

My bracelets (If to look from above)

  1.  Mum has brought an amber bracelet from Kaliningrad
  2. Bracelet of Yves rocher
  3. The bracelet was brought to me from China by my mother-in-law, it from a natural stone, truth don't remember from what)))
  4. The bracelet was brought by my husband from Japan in 2007.
  5. Amber beads, mum together with a bracelet has presented. I of their plot as a bracelet

This evening was at the Chinese restaurant, we with group marked the session end.

Shop where you can buy this dress :

                                         Official site:

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