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My new purchases.

Atomic Volume Mascara 

Colorful Mono Eyeshadow

Has bought, I to itself shades and Mascara for eyelashes. Mascara  very much was pleasant, and here shades properly hasn't used. Then I will necessarily tell...

That I would want to get

Prestige Brush Set ($325 Value)
What it is:
A deluxe set of 12 Sephora Pro makeup brushes.

What it does:
This set includes a range of must-have brushes for creating a full face with ease. It includes mix of natural and synthetic bristles so you get the right brush for the job every time.

This set includes 12 full-size Sephora Professional Platinum quality brushes:
- Fan (natural)
- Powder (natural)
- Blush (natural)
- Foundation (synthetic)
- Concealer (synthetic)
- Eyeshadow (natural)
- Crease (natural)
- Smudge (natural)
- Angled Liner (synthetic)
- Brow (natural and synthetic)
- Lip (natural)
- Brow/lash comb (synthetic)

What else you need to know:
Each brush has shiny black metallic lacquer handles with a jewel on the bottom for a touch of extra sparkle when you apply makeup. Ideal for travel, the metallic pewter quilted carrying case holds each brush in its own slot. Carrying case comes in a silver organza pouch. Brush set comes packaged in a metallic silver croc gift box.

Such set wouldn't prevent

This brush to me have recommended for more dense and bright colour.

Classic Angled Shadow Brush #20
What it is:
This brush applies shadow in an angled shape to add color to contours.

What it does:
The angled tip is shaped to work on the brow bone, over the lid, and under the orbital bone—that's three uses in one! Turn it at an angle so it can create smaller or larger contours. As opposed to smudging in creases like other brushes, this brush sweeps color with accuracy and can be used on all parts of the eye.

Write me the responses about this cosmetics.
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