31 August 2011



Pink and blue

Hello my expensive. This photo is done in the same journey. On the braid of Nazimova, farthest corner of Russia and Far East. Farther China. Beauty, good journey, only far a 280 km from a city. Now about clothes)) On me ordered a dress which I as early as 2009, but I his do not carry. Only on a beach or houses. A dress has a beautiful back, done by a net, but dress to me not on a height and it is necessary to put a shirt on under a bottom


29 August 2011

Weakening sea tour

Hello my dear and favourite. We have spent magnificent days off at the sea. I have gained strength and have had a rest. The sea is a relax.

On me a dress: Tipster, the press small skulls

22 August 2011


Evening, in the street it is silent, it is not enough cars, the beauty, would be desirable to wander on a night city in embraces of the favourite.

Вечер, на улице тихо, машин мало, красота, хочется бродить по ночному городу в объятиях любимого.

Here and we have found minute, to stand in обнимку and will take pleasure in that we together. Our daughter at the grandmother, and we rejoice as children these instants.

Вот и мы нашли минутку, постоять в обнимку и насладится тем, что мы вдвоем. Наша дочь у бабушки, а мы радуемся как дети этими мгновениями.

But to us it is time to go home, soon our angel will wake up and won't find parents, not well. Us three and we are happy.

Но нам пора домой, скоро наш ангелочек проснется и не найдет родителей, не хорошо. Нас трое и мы счастливы.

On me a skirt which I have sewed. A top a pipe and from above a jacket with a bow
На мне юбка, которую я сшила. Топ труба и сверху кофта с бантом

21 August 2011

The sea, the sea, the sea

Gift of my mum

This dress, to me my mum, in March has presented.

 She is my favourite mother-in-law.

And it is my mummy, at it the same dress, only with a long sleeve

11 August 2011


Today warm day, 30 degrees. It would be desirable to walk... We have gone to the Singapore cafe "Узала", to eat shao -May and dampling, this meat and seafood in the test. As, I, have very much wanted some hot chocolate - sharp. There was a fine day. All Good luck and love.

Сегодня теплый день , 30 градусов.  Хочется гулять... Мы пошли в сингапурское кафе "Узала", есть шао-май и дамплинги, это мясо и морепродукты в тесте. Так же, я, очень захотела горячего шоколада - острого. Был прекрасный день.  Всем удачи и любви.

She is the niece of my husband

 Cinema Ocean


Желтый или Meadowlark

Привет...  Мое вдохновение сегодня , один из модных  цветов 2018 Жаворонок (meadowlark ).